Selling your property with Stéphane Bisson and team

Ready to sell your property in the Outaouais region?

Our real estate services are more than putting a "For Sale" sign on your lawn or conducting a few random viewings. This is why we have been careful to build personalized relationships with clients over the past 30 years.

We want to know your house thoroughly to showcase it in a favourable light to get the best possible sale price within a reasonable timeframe; or to find the home that's the best buy for you, taking your budget, lifestyle and leisure activities into account.

You can count on our personalized services and our in-depth knowledge of real estate market and laws to ensure secure transactions that are favourable and hassle-free.

First contact
Personalized meeting to understand your expectations and needs. 

Assessing the market value of your house in the present real estate market. 

Determining strengths and attributes of your house. 

Marketing your house by utilizing many modern and traditional promotional and marketing tools. 

Coordinate viewings and following-up with serious buyers.

Negotiate to obtain the best possible price for your house.

Ensure sale conditions are fulfilled for a secure and surprise-free transaction.

Ready to sell?