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CAREER, Becoming a Real Estate Broker

Successful real estate professionals are persistent, motivated, ambitious, goal-oriented and people-oriented.

While a career in real estate requires a rigorous commitment and hard work, find out how it offers you success and financial freedom. In addition, a career in the field allows for personal fulfillment as well as the ability to work at your own pace.

In real estate, helping people buy and sell properties/houses or condos is the most important service you can provide. The specialized knowledge of a real estate broker who is a member of the Stéphane Bisson / Keller Williams Distinction Team facilitates the transaction. You will save your clients time and money, and you will be the accessible resource to answer their questions.

A real estate broker who is a member of the Stéphane Bisson / Keller Williams Distinction Team must be able to help the client distinguish between his needs and his desires. He must have a clear vision of the various types of properties, and must be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. Buying and selling properties is the fundamental service of your real estate career. Knowing the neighborhoods, schools, tax systems, mortgage financing options, and restrictive covenants is essential to facilitate the transaction and save your clients time and money. 

Our continuing education programs are offered on a regular basis, giving you access to an experienced real estate veteran like Stéphane Bisson. They will be invaluable allies in guiding you to achieve your financial and personal goals.

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